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31 March 2009 - 5 April 2012 and before 31 March 2009

If you made your Tier 4 immigration application on or after 31 March 2009 and before 6 April 2012, you can remind yourself of your work conditions in Table 2 of the July 2016 version of An employer's ...
17/08/2017 14:42:00

30-day vignette

The following information outlines the steps to take if there is a problem with your 30-day vignette. #Toggle1#
25/08/2017 14:01:00

3 August 2015 onwards

First check whether you are allowed to work - see Can you work?  If you are permitted to work, your maximum working hours in term time are: 20 hours a week if you are studying a...
05/04/2017 17:23:00

‘No recourse to public funds’

If you have the sentence ‘No recourse to public funds’ included in your passport stamp, or printed on your Biometric Residence Permit, you will not be in breach of your immigration conditi...
23/02/2017 15:24:00


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