Membership types and fees

Further Education (FE) Institutions, Language Colleges and Independent Schools

Membership is available to all publicly funded and private further education colleges, language colleges and independent schools. Usually, members will be listed on the Home Office Tier 4 sponsors' register.

     net  VAT  total fee
     FE colleges, language schools and independent schools  £747  £149.40  £896.40

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    Higher Education (HE) Institutions

    Membership is available to all publicly funded and private higher education institutions.  Usually members will be listed on the Home Office Tier 4 sponsors' register.

     HE institutions
     FTE* student numbers
     net  VAT  total fee
       A <551
     £1,305  £261.00  £1,566.00
       B. 551 - 1,800  £2,782  £556.40  £3338.40
       C. 1,801 - 4,250
     £3796  £759.20  £4555.20
       D. 4,251 - 6,900
     £5,159  £1031.80  £6190.80
       E. >6,900
    * full-time equivalent (FTE) international (ie non-UK domiciled) students, including EU students.

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    Students' Unions

    Our membership package for students' unions offers:

    • Members' Advice Line
    • access to the Manual and members' pages on website
    • discounted training
    • join members' discussion forum
    • receive updates on international student issues


     total fee
     Students' Unions  Free

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    Other bodies

    This membership is for bodies which are neither educational institutions nor students unions, including professional, voluntary and corporate organisations. 

    For organisations seeking an unusually high level of access to UKCISA services, the level of fee will be negotiated on a one-off basis

    Voluntary sector advice centres with fewer than 6 employees may take advantage of a non-membership subscription arrangement.

     Other bodies
     net  VAT  total fee
     £1,102  £220.40  £1,322.40
     Non commercial
     £408  £81.60  £489.60
     Voluntary sector advice centres (with fewer than 6 employees)  £287  £57.40  £344.40

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    Agents and individuals providing counselling or advice to students are not eligible for membership of UKCISA but can apply to be subscribers.  Subscribers receive UKCISA news updates and have access to UKCISA publications and training at discounted rates. You will not have access to the Members' forum or participate in UKCISA elections.

    To be accepted as a subscriber, you must provide satisfactory references from two educational institutions which are current UKCISA members and demonstrate that you comply with any relevant legislation, eg the framework set out by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner for those providing immigration advice. You will normally only be accepted as a subscriber if you are UK based.

       net  VAT  total fee
     Agent subscribers  £390  £78.00  £468.00

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    AASAP members

    Full and associate members of the Association of American Study Abroad Providers are eligible for a specially negotiated fee.

       net  VAT  total fee
     AASAP members  £287  £57.40  £344.40

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