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Topic(s): Cross-cultural Type(s): Programme
16-20 November 2020: a week-long online event for internatio...
Nov 2020
Topic(s): We are international
Opportunities for sponsorship of the week-long series of UKC...
Oct 2020
Information about the #WeAreInterntional student ambassador ...
Oct 2020
A letter from our Chief Executive Anne Marie Graham, and the...
Oct 2020
Topic(s): Immigration, Student employability
Designed to inform the technical development and implementat...
Sep 2020
Type(s): Surveys and reports
Review of our achievements and challenges of the past year
Sep 2020
Topic(s): Student experience Type(s): Surveys and reports
The paper sets out UKCISA's position on how the UK Governmen...
Jul 2020
Topic(s): Immigration, Fee status assessment, Student experience Type(s): Programme
UKCISA annual programme of training courses
Mar 2020
Topic(s): We are international, Student Ambassador programme Type(s): Programme
Student Ambassador programme
Mar 2020
UKCISA's five objectives for 2020-23
Feb 2020
Topic(s): Student experience Type(s): UKCISA Grants, Funded in 2018-19
Grants Scheme 2018-19: pilot projects and research into the ...
Feb 2020
Topic(s): Mental health, Wellbeing, Support for staff
The University Mental Health Charter
Feb 2020
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