Preparing for your arrival to the UK

Last modified: 04 May 2023

Preparing for your arrival to the UK can seem particularly overwhelming. You may have lots of questions; what do I need to bring? How do I arrange my travel? What paperwork do I need to have? Read our advice below. Your institution or students’ union will also be able to help.

Important: contact details
Your university or college should have sent you information about arrival, including a phone number for support. Keep this number with you when you travel. Check to make sure you have this – if you can’t find it please contact your institution.

This will seem obvious but make sure you know the address of where you need to get to. Print or write this down – don’t rely on your phone/tablet for essential information like this!

For a thorough guide about coming to study in the UK please download First Steps; a guide written by the British Council.

Documents you need for your journey. Keep these in your hand luggage

Getting from the airport, train station or dock to your place of study

Prepare for studying in the UK