Student experience

Our members' pilot projects cover a broad range of topics relating to international student experience. Take a look at what some of our members' institutions have trialled and see their recommendations for running a similar project in your own organisation.

We fund projects into a number of areas to support international student experience. 

Institution Project title Outline of project Year Report 
Bangor University MENTAL HEALTH
Mindfulness for international students
A dedicated eight-week mindfulness course for international students. 2017-18 Read the report
Bridgend College MENTAL HEALTH
This Is Me
Develop opportunities such as guest lectures for international learners to share cultural and religious experiences with other learners. 2017-18  Read the report
Heriot-Watt University Developing an online representation training tool for global students An interactive online tool for class representatives studying at Heriot-Watt University outside the UK. 2016-17 Read the report
Manchester Student Homes, Manchester University, and Manchester Metropolitan University SAFETY
Manchester international student safety campaign
A year-long programme to develop a student safety guide, video and events on student safety. 2016-17 Read the report 
Newcastle College
Global Society Developing a model of an international society in further education. 2015-16 Read the report

Sheffield Hallam University

Winner of the Paul Webley Award 2016

Shortlisted for Outstanding Student Support Award by Times Higher Education 2017

International student sexual health Toolkit for running a successful sexual health campaign for international students in higher and further education. 2015-16 Read the report
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance Healthy body, healthy mind. Hands-on nutrition for international students. Delivering workshops on nutrition, meal planning and budgeting. With opportunities for students to share food. 2017-18 Read the report
University of Bradford Students' Union STUDENTS' UNIONS
Culture in the community
International students take cultural activities and performances into the local community. 2015-16 Read the report
University of Glasgow QMU STUDENTS' UNIONS
Language Café
Bringing together both native and non-native speakers to facilitate conversation and cultural exchange. 2016-17 Read the report
University of Reading The international student food project Develop a ‘food induction toolkit’ – an online resource to support international students in adjusting to shopping, cooking and eating in the UK. 2017-18  Read the report
University of Sheffield Exploring the use of ‘WeChat’ as a social media tool to engage Chinese students Promoting student support services for Chinese students, with a focus on immigration, integration and careers service through ‘WeChat’.  2016-17 Read the report
University of Sunderland MENTAL HEALTH
‘Bounce Back’: increasing access for international students to student wellbeing services
A programme to enhance the emotional and mental wellbeing of international students and increase the number of international students accessing support for their mental health. 2016-17  Read the report
University of Sussex ‘Freshers of ‘15’: student perspectives Tracking international students’ cultural adaptation to the UK through focus groups, blogs, vlogs and open forums. 2015-16 Read the report
University of Worcester
Student-led friendship groups UK and international students’ group buddy scheme.  2015-16 Read the report
York St John University Grassroots internationalisation created by students for students A series of student-created activities to inspire internationalisation and peer-engagement via the Global Campus project.  2016-17 Read the report