Tier 4 Application forms

09 July 2013

The Home Office wants to encourage Tier 4 applicants applying in the UK to apply using the 'print and send' application form. As the name suggests this involves completing an application form online and printing it out before submitting it to the Home Office either by post or in person.

The Home Office is also piloting an online method of applying which is open to all Tier 4 applicants in the UK.

It is possible to apply using a paper application form but these forms are no longer available on the Home Office website. Therefore you need to request one from the Home Office via email. If you request a copy of the paper application form you must explain why you are unable to apply using the print and send form (for example, because you have more than ten dependants). More information can be found on the Home Office website.

You must use the paper form if you are using the Home Office's Super Premium Service to apply but it is not possible to use the paper application form to apply at a Public Enquiry Office, unless you have an appointment which you booked before 6 April 2013, in which case you must use the paper application form.

On 1 July 2013 the Home Office published new paper application forms for Tier 4 applications made in the UK. The old paper application forms (dated 6 April 2013) must not be used after 21 July 2013. An application made after 21 July 2013 using a 6 April 2013 application form will be rejected as invalid.