New PBS dependants policy guidance

05 January 2017

The Home Office has replaced its November 2016 version of the PBS dependants policy guidance with version 01/2017, published on 2 January 2017.

There are no real changes, but it's important to refer to the latest version if making an application.

Paragraph 31a in the previous version is now paragraph 32. Text in paragraph 37 is no longer in italics, and paragraph numbers have been added to the text under paragraph 38. Paragraph 67 refers to paragraph 64, but should now refer to paragraph 68 in order to make sense.

The concession in paragraph 68 of the current version that permits dependants of doctorate extension scheme applicants to apply with only two months' worth of funds has not been extended to the dependants of Students' Union sabbatical officers and the dependants of postgraduate doctors and dentists, although these Tier 4 applicants are also required to show a maximum of two months' worth of funds.