NUS calling for postgraduate students from USA who currently study at a UK university to help with research

06 October 2016

NUS want to understand more about the different routes and pathways that leads American students to a postgraduate course in the UK and what sorts of information they looked for to undertake the course. The study will involve two stages. Firstly, an online focus group lasting one hour. This will include some discussion and questions about different experiences prior to coming to the UK. All students who take part in the online group will be paid £30 each. To register your interest please take this short survey, it should only take five minutes to complete.  The deadline for this stage is 16th October 2016.
The second stage is a further online survey. There will be a cash prize to be won as part of a prize draw. This survey will look in more detail at some of the different routes American postgrads have taken to start their course in the UK.
If you have any questions please contact Kiah Peters at the NUS Insight Team.