Right to rent surveys

01 August 2016

Tenants in England have to prove to their landlords that they have the 'right to rent'. This means that if a tenant needs immigration permission in order to be in the UK lawfully, s/he must show a landlord evidence of that immigration permission, usually in a passport or a biometric residence permit. If a tenant has the right to be in the UK without needing immigration permission, for example, because s/he is a British or European Union citizen, that must also be proved. Students in halls of residence are one exception to this rule, and see our information on choosing housing and immigration checks for full details of how the scheme works.

A charity called the Joint Committee for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) has produced surveys, one for landlords and one for tenants, so that you can provide anonymous information about how this 'right to rent' scheme is working and how it affects you. This information will be used to make the UK Government aware of any problems, including discrimination, that the scheme might be causing.