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18 February 2016
After  a series of research, collaboration with web developers and international student focus groups we are delighted to launch our revamped student-facing part of the UKCISA website

This new site is now really simple to use on mobile phones and tablets, (it’s ‘responsive’) which our students told us was their main way of browsing websites. While it still works well on computers, this change will help us serve our students more effectively and we think you’ll also benefit from the new layout.


The main difference you’ll spot is that rather than clicking items straight from the menu, each page contains numerous layers of related relevant information that you can easily scroll through.


We’ve also added a News Wall which gathers our online news, blogs and tweets so that it’s all in one handy place. You can filter what you want to view (just members’ blogs for example or news stories about immigration). You’ll still receive regular e-news from us but if you don’t want to wait for it to appear in your inbox, you can see what’s new in the sector. Members’ news will appear as snippets of the story. You’ll need to click on them to read the full article – which will happen by transporting you to the UKCISA Institutions site as before. 


Content-wise, we’ve added and amended information but very little has been removed. It’s just been organised in a more intuitive way! Obviously if you can’t find something we’re more than happy to help. Either email us at or call us on 020 7288 4330.


What’s happening with the other site?

The pages for institutions and members have not moved to the responsive design and so they remain exactly the same but are found at  Once we have tested the new site and developed it further, we hope to also make the members pages responsive and add features to ensure it is an accessible, useful resource for you.