Tier 4 student visa interviews

13 May 2013

The UK Government intends to interview most Tier 4 student applicants before granting them immigration permission to come to the UK. Following a pilot scheme it has introduced, or will soon introduce, immigration interviews in the following countries:

  • China, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand from 7 May
  • Nigeria from 9 May
  • Russian Federation from 10 May
  • Ghana from 28 May
  • Ethiopia and Uganda from 31 May

The intention is to interview Tier 4 applicants from most countries by the end of 2013. This requirement will not apply to you if you are a national or a passport holder of one of the "low risk" countries.

Interviews take place when you attend a visa application centre to give your biometrics and submit documents. A Home Office member of staff will ask you about your course, where you want to study and your reasons for studying in the UK. The report of the interview will be sent to the entry clearance officer who makes the decision on your Tier 4 application. If you attend a visa application centre on or after the relevant date from the list above, you might be interviewed as part of the application process, and you should prepare for this before you attend.

Home Office guidance for entry clearance officers about Tier 4 interviews

List of nationals and passport holders who are exempt from the Tier 4 interview requirement

Home Office analysis of the pilot scheme