Immigration Bill 2015-16

24 September 2015

The Immigration Bill 2015-16 had its first reading in the House of Commons on 17 September.

We have now created a web page with details of the provisions we think will have the greatest impact on international students. 

Some clauses are of greater relevance to educational institutions than to students, for example, the criminal offences that will affect employers and the requirement to ensure that staff in the public sector with customer facing roles speak fluent English. We have not focused on these provisions but we have added links to information written by other organisations..

You can also read main points which are summarised in the policy background in the explanatory notes.  As expected it deals mainly with increasing the 'hostile environment' for migrants who do not have leave to be in the UK.

The Bill's passage through Parliament before it becomes law can be traced (and the various stages explained) on the website.