Persons granted leave under Afghan Schemes: 'home' fees for HE in Wales

08 April 2022



The Welsh Government makes the regulations that decide who is entitled to pay fees at the 'home' rate in Wales (UKCISA does not make the regulations).

For academic years that start on or after 1 August 2022, they are introducing a new category of person who will be entitled to pay fees at the 'home' rate, and receive full Student Support: 'Persons granted leave under the Afghan Schemes'. 

All the requirements a person needs to meet to fit the category are explained in detail on the UKCISA website, so look there to see if someone qualifies.

The category should cover most people who are granted immigration permission under:

  • the Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme; or
  • the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy Scheme; or
  • the Afghanistan Locally Employed Staff Ex-Gratia Scheme

However, if you come across anyone who has leave under one of those schemes and does not seem to fit the category, please telephone the UKCISA Student Advice Line (if you are a student) or the UKCISA Members' Advice Line (if you are a UKCISA member). 

If you want to see the law that introduced the category, it is:

  • the Education (Student Finance) (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Wales) Regulations 2022 (S.I. 2022 No.79 (W.28))