Crisis line for students in Afghanistan

23 August 2021

The UK Home Office (UKVI) has launched a crisis line. It will be open all day every day for students and others in Afghanistan who are trying to apply for immigration permission and /or travel to the UK. If you call this line, you will be asked to give your key details, including your full name and date of birth, which will be passed to UKVI for triage and case working.

This source of help is available to a range of people, including students, people applying for immigration permission as a student and graduates who received a Chevening scholarship.

For full details, including eligibility, the crisis line number and the type of help and information you will receive, see:

If you are already in the UK as a student and need help, please contact your university, school or college. They will try to provide you with, or help you find other sources of, practical and immigration advice. We will continue to issue information as we find out more about the assistance that government departments and the education sector can offer.