Fees and Student Support in England: 'No deal' will not impact 2019/20 promises

23 January 2019

To avoid any misunderstandings or confusion, on 18 January 2019 we asked the Department for Education if it could confirm categorically that the previous assurances on no changes to fee status or student support for EU students (studying in England) would remain even in the circumstances of a so-called ‘no deal’ scenario. The Department replied on 21 January formally confirming that this was the case and, on the next day (22 January), this was again confirmed in a formal ministerial statement.

We have been told by officials that earlier statements in Scotland confirm or at least imply that the position will be the same in Scotland. If there are any more specific announcements particularly concerning Wales and Northern Ireland we will include them in our current guidance. See Brexit: Impact on fee status assessments and Brexit: Impact on student finance.