Changes to the Immigration Rules November 2018

23 October 2018

Some important immigration changes come into force in November 2018.

From 5 November, you will no longer need to submit photographs as part of an application in the UK. From 5 November you will also no longer be required to submit original documents (copies will be accepted) for an application made inside or outside the UK. The process for applying in the UK will also change. We do not yet have full details, but the Home Office has said that you will be able to scan documents instead of sending them, which means you will keep your passport and other evidence. However, if you travel outside the Common Travel Area (UK, Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) after you have made an immigration application, the Home Office will treat your application as withdrawn. This means that, although you will be able to keep your passport, you should not travel unless you want to abandon your application. To return, you would have to make another application outside the UK.

The Government has announced that the immigration health surcharge will double, probably from December 2018. This means that if you plan to make a Tier 4 application around that time, you should ensure that you have enough money to pay £300 per year, instead of the current fee of £150.

The EU Settlement Scheme has been piloted in the Liverpool region and includes students at three universities there. The next phase of this trial will start on 1 November. It will no longer include students, but will instead focus mainly on people working in higher education, health and social care.