Evidence to HEC – a critique

From our Chief Executive
05 February 2018
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Over the last month or so, in addition to all the submitting to the Migration Advisory Committee, another body, the Higher Education Commission has been undertaking an Inquiry also relating to international students but this time not specifically (or originally) in terms of immigration policy but education exports.

I am due to give evidence later this month but for the second evidence session we suggested that our good friend Claire O’Leary (Tier 4 compliance lead at Warwick, co-chair of the ICN, UKCISA Board member and close partner for a number of ‘Integration Summits’ arranged in past years) should be invited (along with I-Graduate, NUS, the PVC from Exeter and Study Group).

Her critique – informed by numbers of colleagues who put forward suggestions – is so clear and comprehensive, I thought it was worth featuring in full so here it is:

1. Has Brexit and recent immigration reforms led to any changes in how welcoming the UK feels to international students?

2. How does Home Office processing and continuing student visa surveillance affect student demand, the supply of places, and the quality of the experience?

3. Which country’s rules and processes are most attractive to international students?

4. What are the issues and problems in relation to integration on campuses?


I doubt I will be able to add much to this – so well said Claire! 

And from her comments and those from others, if this Commission was not originally about student immigration policy, I think it may well be now!


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