Training courses and events

***Please note: We are currently running all training and events online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.***

Future training and events will be in the form of a webinar, offering the same high-quality as our face-to-face sessions. Our exciting programme of online events can be found here.

We offer specialist training on student immigration and student sponsor compliance, student enrolment, cross-cultural issues, and tuition fees assessment, as well as a variety of other events relating to international students in the UK.

We are aware that many of our member organisations would like training on fees assessment processes as well as on current, and upcoming, eligibility for ‘home’ fees.

We are in a different position to where we would usually expect to be at this time of year. We are waiting for relevant legislation for 2021/22 to be published. Without sight of legislation we cannot comment on, or make any assumptions about, the exact details of how changes to existing eligibility will be made, or what new criteria will look like. When the regulations for autumn 2021 are published, we will carefully assess the details and their impact.

We will be preparing revised training on fees assessments – to provide both refresher training on any provisions which have not changed, as well as updates on the new provisions or changes. The aim of this training will be to enable you to make assessments for your autumn 2021 cohort and onwards. We aim to provide this training for 2021/22, in spring 2021. Please keep an eye on this area of our website for further details.

Our web information about the current 2020/21 provisions is also being kept up-to-date, for those who are still making assessments for this ongoing academic year.