2019 Sessions DE

Thursday 4 July, 2-5pm

BC1/DE1 Stop Press (repeat of BC1)

Category: Immigration

Based on UKCISA’s day-long Stop Press training events in May, this session is designed to provide participants with updated information on international student issues, and changes in relevant legislation/guidance over the last 12 months. As in previous years, immigration changes, including an update on the latest understanding of Brexit and its effect on students, are likely to provide a large part of the agenda.

This session is for experienced advisers who already have a good understanding of existing provisions affecting international students. Participants who attended a Stop Press training event earlier in the year are advised not to attend this session as it will largely cover the same material.

Presenter:  Advice and Training Officer, UKCISA

DE2 Back to the source: the immigration rules for dependants of students

Category: Immigration

Learn to navigate your way around the Immigration Rules for the partners and children of students.

Who can come? What requirements do they need to meet? What are they allowed to do?

An interactive session that aims to help you find your own way around the Immigration Rules on all these points.

Presenter:  Kate Handforth, Advice & Training Officer, UKCISA

Kate works as an Advice & Training Officer at UKCISA.

DE3 The mindful adviser

Category: Staff support

With tightening immigration regulations and an increasingly hostile environment being created for already anxious international students, it is important that Advisers are able to develop skills to help us understand our emotions in order to remain calm and clearheaded in an advice setting, as well as to enhance our general wellbeing.

This session aims to examine what mindfulness is and to share Alan and Stephen’s personal experience. You will gain an overview of how you can fit mindfulness practice into your working life and develop some simple techniques that you can use to combat the stressful daily situations that you may experience.

Presenters:  Stephen Davies, International Student Adviser, Oxford Brookes University; Alan Gelfer, International Student Adviser, City University of London

Stephen has been an international student adviser at Oxford Brookes University for over 15 years and has been practising and teaching meditation and mindfulness for over 25 years.

Alan is an International Student Adviser at City University of London and a qualified workplace mediator.

DE4 Creating opportunities for intercultural connections

Category: Student experience

Are you interested in maximising opportunities for your international and home students to have meaningful intercultural interactions? Research and experience shows that “having a diverse population does not in itself ensure that people will interact meaningfully” (Spencer-Oatey, Dauber and Williams 2014). To explore possible solutions to this challenge, University of Leeds and Up+thrive collaborated to develop a set of induction materials and support for staff to run workshops for students across campus.

In this session you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Experience for yourself the intercultural activities we tested at Leeds to build student connections, and hear student feedback.
  • Explore what opportunities might exist for you to implement similar activities within your institution e.g. in induction, welcome and orientation etc.
  • Exchange ideas about what support you might need to make this happen at your institution, and hear about the lessons we learnt about influencing wider change at Leeds.

Presenters:  Jenna Isherwood, Project Manager, University of Leeds; Kathryn Eade, Intercultural Facilitator and Coach, Founder of Up+thrive, Up+thrive

Jenna is a Project Manager for the International Student Office at University of Leeds, working across a range of international student support and intercultural opportunity projects. She completed postgraduate studies in the USA and has a background in advice and community engagement work in the HE/SU and third sectors. She pursues her interests in community-building, group facilitation and storytelling through her work at the University and through organising literature and creative writing events in Leeds during her spare time.

Kathryn is an intercultural facilitator, transition coach and the founder of Up+thrive (upandthrive.com). Up+thrive supports individuals, teams and organisations to embrace change and thrive outside their comfort zone. Kathryn combines her knowledge of living and working overseas, including Germany, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and most recently Canada, with 20 years experience of facilitating intercultural groups and coaching others to overcome the challenges of transition. She is particularly interested in supporting the HE sector using her insightful and positive approach to deliver organisation-wide consultancy, group workshops and one to one coaching.

DE5 How do I make my international students feel at home?

Category: Student experience

How do you help international students overcome the culture shock of studying in a new country, and integrate them into the local community? During this highly interactive session, we explore Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and how, through experiential learning, you can help students feel more at home on campus.

To help your students develop their CQ and understand themselves, you first need to understand yourself. As such, the session will begin with an activity asking the audience to explore the diversity of the group, and what it means to be part of a diverse network. Using the framework of Core and Flex, you will unpick how your previous experiences influence your beliefs and behaviours. Putting this framework to practice, we then explore how students could build stronger networks and integrate using CQ.

You will gain a toolkit of how to help students–and yourself–cross boundaries, whether caused by geographies, generations, sectors, specialisations, backgrounds or beliefs.

Presenter:  Louise Andersson, Development Director - EMEA, Common Purpose

Louise oversees university partnerships and delivery of Common Purpose’s leadership programmes for university students across EMEA. She brings a wealth of experience facilitating programmes globally at leading institutions such as Harvard, King’s College London and University of Hong Kong; in countries such as India, Brazil and Spain; and for partners such as American Express, BP and GE. Through this she has facilitated programmes for over 2000 students and chaired 100s of sessions with senior leaders from business, government and NGOs.

Louise completed her undergraduate education at the University of Richmond where she received a Dual Degree with honours – a BSc in Business Administration and a BA in Leadership Studies. She has lived, studied, and worked in Sweden, France, Switzerland, and the US, before moving to London. Outside of work, Louise’s biggest passion is skiing, but she also loves puppies, rock climbing and scuba diving.