Why we should talk about how we are: mental health support by students for students

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18 May 2020
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University can be a stressful time for many students at any time. Balancing study and your personal and social life while trying to figure out your place in the world can be hard, but even more so now during these difficult times when you may be away from your usual support system. This is particularly pronounced for international students. Being hours away from your places of comfort, in a timezone that is unfamiliar, it can get very overwhelming very quickly – and even more so when it seems you might not have anyone to speak to about how you’re feeling.

But in the UK, there is a special telephone line run by students for students which you can ring for emotional support: it’s called Nightline. Nightline offers support when university services are closed, or oversubscribed. In our latest blog, one London-based international student shares their experience as a Nightline volunteer. They provide a unique insight into the kind of calls they receive, the support they offer and what they have gained from the work.

You can find a link to the Nightline website and other useful resources at the end of the page.

My Secret Life

The Calls

An Anonymous Service

Support for Volunteers

Want to Volunteer?

Other Support


To find your local Nightline please visit nightline.ac.uk