Corporate and education sector organisations application form

Section 1. Contact & Organisation details

Main contact (primary contact)

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Section 2. About your organisation

Please state the nature of your organisation's business and its interest in international students. If you are a commercial organisation, please also state if you have up to 10 staff and up to £2m turnover (must meet both criteria), and qualify for the ‘commercial micro’ rate:
If yes, please give brief details of your business, eg. the countries in which you operate and the types of institutions which you recruit international students for:
In order to consider your application, we require contact details of two referees from UKCISA institutional members for whom you currently act as agents. Please enter contact details for your first referee here:
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Immigration advice

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Membership invoice

Section 3. Declaration

I confirm that the aims & objectives of my organisation do not conflict with those of UKCISA as set forth in UKCISA's Memorandum of Association - "... to advance education and learning, with particular reference to the education in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (with the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands) of students who by nationality or domicile appertain to other countries or are stateless, the education of the United Kingdom students in other countries.."
I confirm that my organisation will not use UKCISA’s main logo on any of its printed or electronic publications, and will not make any statements which imply that membership of UKCISA provides any form of endorsement, accreditation or kitemarking by the Council. My organisation will only use the "UKCISA Information for International Students" logo as per the guidelines provided.
I also confirm that my organisation will not ,without the approval of the Trustees, use the name of UKCISA in any publication, film, television, broadcast or other utterance or give permission for such use, without the inclusion in such publication, film, television, broadcast or other utterance of a clear and prominent statement to the effect that the opinions expressed therein are those of the member or representative alone and do not necessarily represent the views or policy of UKCISA.
Intention to withdraw from membership to UKCISA must be communicated in writing by 30 November in any given year, otherwise fees for that year will be incurred. Admission in to membership of UKCISA is at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. The Board has the right for good and sufficient reason to terminate the membership of any member provided that the member concerned shall have a right to be heard before a final decision is made.