How to apply

Applications open each year in May and the deadline to apply is usually early August.  This page will be updated in May 2018 when the next application stage opens.  The criteria detailed here is from 2017 and may be different in 2018.

Criteria for Research awards

Applications are judged against the following criteria:

  • The extent to which the research enhances members’ understanding of the experience of international students in the UK. Does it build on findings of recent research? Will it impact on the current international student agenda?

  • The extent to which the research examines a current, major area of interest and addresses concerns shared across the sector as a whole.

  • The extent of the research impact. Will it inform enhancements to professional practice in supporting international students? How easily can the research findings be applied?
For both categories of award, priority will be given to applicants whose projects cover aspects which were not addressed in the schemes awarded over the last three years 2015-18 and which show evidence of co-funding or support in other ways.


Criteria for Pilot Project awards

Applications are judged against the following criteria:

  • The extent to which the project improves the experience of international students, through new and innovative services, approaches or delivery methods. Is your project addressing something which international students most want or are concerned by or find most important about their student experience?

  • The extent to which other institutions or the sector as a whole can adopt similar models. Will your project include products or outcomes which can be implemented elsewhere?

  • The extent to which your project has measurable and lasting outcomes for the institution and sector as a whole. Does your proposed project include a method of measuring its own success and provide clear evidence that its outcomes are sustainable and of lasting value?


Grants of up to £2,000 each will be awarded for Pilot Projects and up to £5,000 for Research Projects.  In the past two years we have also received £10,000 from the Scottish Government, reserved for Scottish institutions.

Reporting requirements

Grant awardees will be required to submit a progress report in March and a final report and financial account by July.


Applicants must be educational institutions or students’ unions which are members of UKCISA.


Applications are assessed by a panel including UKCISA staff and external specialists and all projects will be considered for the Paul Webley Award for Innovation in International Education.

Past awards

Full details of the grants awarded between 2015-18:

Listing of Pilot project and research grants awarded from 2015-18:

Download the list of awards 2015-18<