Brexit 'no deal'

Last modified: 12 November 2019

What if there is no deal reached between the UK and the EU?

Details about Brexit and no deal are subject to change as the UK will have a general election on 12 December 2019. Following this, the elected government will decide the next stages of the UK's relationship with the European Union. 

This page contains information and links regarding immigration, fees and student support and healthcare from the current government in the event of the UK not reaching a deal with the EU, and is therefore subject to change.

The current government has published a revised policy paper on their plans for a no-deal exit from the EU and has presented immigration Rules to Parliament to support this policy (which will only become law if the UK leaves the EU without a deal). The paper and the Rules focus on immigration permission for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens immediately following the UK's exit from the EU, and is subject to change.