Graduate route applications and the marking boycott: Home Office updates 'discretionary arrangement'

07 July 2023


The Home Office has updated their 'discretionary arrangement' for institutions on the marking boycott.

Previously, the Home Office had released a written 'discretionary arrangement' to institutions, to cover the situation where the marking boycott impacts students who hope to apply for a Graduate route visa. 

The Home Office has now circulated an updated version of this arrangement, supplemented with some Q&As. The additional information is mainly relevant to educational institutions (sponsors) but is important to students who are using these arrangements in collaboration with their institution.

This discretionary arrangement has not been made available to the general public by the Home Office and is not published on the UK Government’s website ( UKCISA has sought consent to share this so all students and all institutions can access details of this arrangement. 

View the new agreement

If you are a student due to make an application for the Graduate route but you are worried about the impact of any marking boycott that is happening within your institution, we encourage you to speak directly to your institution regarding your options and whether this discretionary arrangement is relevant to your circumstances.