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16 November 2018

GDPR & immigration work in the education sector (half day)

The course will offer you a structure for you to manage your data protection responsibilities without getting overwhelmed.
23 November 2018

Students' dependants

This course provides an overview of the immigration requirements of students’ family members and focuses on some of the difficult areas.
28 November 2018

Challenging credibility refusals

This course will give experienced immigration advisers the practical skills they need in order to help international students challenge credibility refusals with confidence.
30 November 2018

Residence requirements (for fees) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland - FULLY BOOKED

This course looks at assessing the residence requirements in order to assess students’ fee status.
04 December 2018

Advising on Tier 4 applications (part 1)

This course is for those providing immigration advice and supporting students making entry clearance and leave to remain Tier 4 applications.
05 December 2018

UKVI Audits: preparation & survival (short day)

This course is specifically for staff involved in Compliance, particularly those who are likely to coordinate and lead the institution's preparations in the event of a UKVI audit.
07 December 2018

Work rights and options for international students

This will be of interest to anyone involved with advising international students about immigration and careers options at any stage of the 'student journey'.
12 December 2018

Framework for fees (higher education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

This course offers a structure for determining who should be charged ‘home’ fees and who can be charged ‘overseas’ fees.
16 January 2019

Tier 4 and sponsor compliance

This is a seminar followed by a Q&A session. It clarifies the compliance duties that institutions must undertake to avoid losing their Tier 4 licence.
17 January 2019

Basic advisory skills

This course focuses on issues relevant for those who are new to advising international students and offers an introduction to the tools and skills needed to do the job effectively.