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08 March 2019

Framework for fees (higher education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

This course offers a structure for determining who should be charged ‘home’ fees and who can be charged ‘overseas’ fees.
13 March 2019

Tier 4 and sponsor compliance

This is a seminar followed by a Q&A session. It clarifies the compliance duties that institutions must undertake to avoid losing their Tier 4 licence.
15 March 2019

Tier 4 refusals

This course enables advisers to advise students on their options when Tier 4 applications have been refused and to help them apply for administrative review of refusals.
21 March 2019

Orientation for international students

This course is suitable for those who have recently taken responsibility for, or a key role in, organising their institution’s orientation programme.
22 March 2019

Residence requirements (for fees) in Scotland

This course looks at assessing the residence requirements in order to assess students’ fee status.
26 March 2019

Advising on Tier 4 applications (part 1)

This course is for those providing immigration advice and supporting students making entry clearance and leave to remain Tier 4 applications.
29 March 2019

Tier 4 basics

This course is for immigration advisers and compliance staff working with Tier 4 students.
02 April 2019

Assigning CASs: all you need to know

This course is for Level 1 and 2 users of the SMS who are or will be involved with assigning CASs.
11 April 2019

Frontline responses to the mental health needs of international students

A hands-on training course in developing basic skills to respond to the mental health needs of international students especially at times of confusion and crisis.
16 April 2019

Compliance - problem areas (short day)

This course will cover common problems faced by compliance staff in the education sector and how to resolve them.