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International student statistics

Sources of regularly published data on international students in the UK

You can find some quick summaries of international student statistics linked via the left-hand menu on this page, but UKCISA does not collect or process international student data, so if you have a query about anything more detailed please check the websites and publications of the following organisations:

Other estimates

There is no reliable source of data on international students outside the HE sector, but the following research reports give some estimates:

  • The International School Council's annual census gives details of non-British students in UK independent schools (in 2013, there were 25,000) 
  • A BIS report (April 2013) estimates numbers of Tier 4 students in public sector further education at about 10,000 - although if student visitors and EEA students are included, the total number of international students can be assumed to be much higher. 
  • Another BIS report (July 2013) on privately funded higher education providers in the UK estimates that approximately half of the 160,000 students in the sector were from outside the UK, 10% from the EU (16,000) and 41% from outside the EU (66,000)
  • English UK's report on the value of the sector to local economies shows that English UK members reported 2,5 million 'student weeks' of activity in 2011 (as English language students come for hugely varying stays, the sector measures these by the number of student weeks, rather than numbers of students)


Other data on student mobility

See also our information on data for outward mobility from the UK.

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