HEI members: survey for your students

09 March 2017

Supported by Universities UK, the University of Southampton and ONS are calling for institutions to share a survey with their international students graduating in 2016-17.

Universities UK asked us to share this with you to help obtain more reliable statistics on student’s plans and behaviour and test how well this is captured by the International Passenger Survey.

The survey will run between 13 March and 9 April 2017, with the possibility of a follow up survey in the autumn. You will be able to choose when you send the survey to your students within this period.

To ensure that your institution’s students are included in the survey, please send the contact details for the person who will be coordinating the response at your institution to Professor Jackie Wabha (J.Wahba@soton.ac.uk) and Professor Jane Falkingham (J.C.Falkingham@soton.ac.uk) if you have not already done so. As preparation for the survey, your institution may also wish to ensure that they have a mailing list for all international students (non-EU and EU UG, PGT and PGR students) graduating in the 2016–17 academic year.

An inspection version of the survey is available (this is not the version for distribution, which you will be sent by the University of Southampton, it’s just for you to see the questions). 

Institutions which do take part will get personalised analysis on respondents from their institution.

Students should be made aware that completing the survey is of course entirely optional and that apart from those who state they are content to be contacted again in the future, all responses will be anonymous.