Maintenance calculations for Tier 4 dependants

09 February 2017

We asked the Home Office how caseworkers assess the level of maintenance that must be available to Tier 4 dependants who apply to extend their leave in the UK for a period of under nine months. As the Immigration Rules refer to the length of leave that will be granted, it was not clear if the calculation would be from the date of decision, which would not be known to the applicant, or from the day after the current leave expires.

The Home Office confirmed, on 7 February 2017, that the start date of the calculation is the day after the current leave expires. The end date is the date on which the new leave, if granted, will expire.

As this is not yet made clear in guidance for applicants and caseworkers, please let us know if you are informed otherwise or if a dependant's application is not assessed in line with this advice.