Tier 4 (General) applications and financial evidence

10 January 2017
In order for your Tier 4 application to be successful you must show the Home Office that you have held a required level of money for at least 28 days; see the section ‘Your money’ in the Tier 4 requirements section of our website.  There are also strict requirements regarding which financial documents you can use in support of your Tier 4 application; see the information about ‘Your money’ in the Evidence section of our website.  It is therefore important to start preparing your finances well in advance of your Tier 4 application.

It’s important to be aware that according to page 52 of the Tier 4 policy guidance and paragraph 1A(k) of Appendix C of the Immigration Rules you are only allowed to use money held in a joint bank account if you are one of the named account holders.  If you use a joint account that is not in your name then there is a risk that your Tier 4 application will be refused.