Immigration statistics

26 May 2016

The latest immigration statistics have been published. We have added student-related statistics to Tier 4 since 2009; Tier 4 figures for the first quarter of 2016 and switches into work categories from Tier 4 in 2015.

An initial report on exit checks was due today, but has been postponed until 25 August 2016.

The Home Office has provided a summary of the study-related statistics:

"In the year ending March 2016 there were 206,162 Study-related visas granted, excluding the unsponsored short-term student category (formerly known as ‘student visitors’), a reduction of 5% (-10,210). Over the same period, the number of university-sponsored study visa applications (main applicants) fell slightly (-1% to 164,124). However, there was a 7% increase for Russell Group universities to 75,403. There were also falls for the Further Education (-15% to 15,507), English Language schools (-20% to 2,669) and Independent school (-3% to 13,591) sectors. Most of the fall in the Further Education sector’s sponsored visa applications since the peak in mid-2011 was accounted for by licenses which have since been revoked."

"In the year ending December 2015, the ONS estimates that there were 112,000 non-EU long-term immigrants coming to study, a 16% (-22,000) fall, which is statistically significant. Over the same period, the number of long-term (1 year or more) study-related visas granted (main applicants) was 4% lower at 137,506. Although the trends in the long-term estimates and comparable visa numbers can differ they are fairly close given the definitional differences and the inherent variation in the ONS survey based estimates."