Definition of 'week' for Tier 4 work

19 May 2016

We asked the Home Office how it defines 'week' for the purposes of calculating whether Tier 4 students have complied with their limit of 10 or 20 hours a week of employment in term time.

We received the following answer and have added it our information on this subject:

"Though there is no definition in the Immigration Rules or guidance, our Policy colleagues have previously described a “week” in this context as being any rolling 7 day period.

A similar query has been put to Policy before, and though it related to supplementary employment, the same would be true of Tier 4:

Do we have a definition of the working week for the 20 hour restriction on Tier 2 working (when does week start and end)?
The situation is that a Doctor is wanting to do some supplementary employment.  In week 1, for example, his supplementary hours would be on a Saturday & Sunday.  In week 2 it may be Monday & Friday so that it fits around the shifts that he is scheduled to do for his main sponsorship.

The company are worried that if we class the week starting from the first day of work then this means that the work could go over the 20 hours

The response was:

The guidance just says 20 hours per week, so if we think of a rolling 7 days, the migrant should not work any more than 20 hours on supplementary employment in any continuous 7 days.  So it will not matter whether we look at a week as starting on a Monday or a Sunday."