Tier 4 funds for continuing students

04 May 2016

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) had recently been assessing the amount of money you need to make a Tier 4 application from the date on which you apply, and not from the course start date on your confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS). This meant that sometimes students who needed extra time to complete a course were asked to show more money than they thought they needed to.

We asked the UKVI for clarification of when funds should be calculated from and pointed out that we could see no basis for assessing it from the application date. They agreed and have now confirmed the following:

"Evidence of funds should be from the CAS start date and not the date of application, and as discussed part month start dates should be rounded up to a full month for the purpose of calculations".

So it's very important, if this makes a difference to you, that you enter the course start date that's on your CAS when you complete the online form, and don't enter the real course start date, if that's different.

Our UKVI contact assured us that all relevant members of UKVI staff have been advised of this and that Tier 4 premium sponsors will be notified of it in their next newsletter. He also said that he will talk to the team responsible for the online application form about whether they need to amend the form to make this clear.

For more information, see 'Living costs' in our information about Tier 4 eligibility requirements and your money.