International Students feel safe: British Council international student safety survey

24 March 2016

The British Council’s ‘Creating Confidence International Student Safety Survey Report 2015-16’,  completed by 2,043 students from 125 countries highlights promising findings about the safety of international students in the UK.
The main findings are :
• One quarter of students had to register with the police and nearly all of them (96.5 per cent) found the process easy or acceptable. This was an increase on the previous surveys
• The series of surveys show a progressive reduction in the proportion of students living in accommodation provided by, or administered by, their institution. Compared with previous years, in 2016  there was an increase in the percentage of students who reported feeling safe or very safe in their accommodation and encouragingly, there were fewer complaints about landlords of privately owned student accommodation
• A higher proportion of students reported feeling very safe at their institution or workplace. Overall, 96 per cent said they felt very safe or quite safe, a similar proportion to the previous survey
• Over 90 per cent of students felt safe where they are living during the day, a similar proportion to previous surveys. However, there was an increase in those who did not feel safe after dark (27.2 per cent). This is not surprising as fewer students now live on campus. Main concerns were over crime and drunkenness, but there were several concerns about a lack of street lighting which influenced how safe students felt
• A very small number of students had experienced crime (less than five per cent); this was nearly half of those reported in 2010 and one third compared with 2007, representing a significant reduction over the period of the surveys. Somewhat worryingly, only 57 per cent of those who experienced crime reported the incident to the police.

The full report is available on the British Council website (see downloads)