Immigration health charge changes from 6 April 2016

08 February 2016

The Immigration Minister announced on 4 February that Australians and New Zealanders who apply on or after 6 April 2016 for immigration permission to come to the UK will no longer be exempt from paying the immigration health charge.The immigration health charge is payable if an applicant comes to the UK for more than six months or applies to stay in the UK for any length of time. The charge is £150 per year of leave for Tier 4 students and their dependants and £200 per year for others.

From 6 April, the immigration health charge for Tier 5 (Youth Mobility) applicants will be reduced from £200 per year to £150 per year. Applicants are usually granted two years' leave so should be charged £300 for the health charge.

 The relevant legislation is currently in draft form, but the Immigration Minister's announcement states that it is expected to come into force on 6 April 2016.