Warning! Telephone scam

21 April 2015

We've been contacted by several of our members to warn us that some international students in the UK have recently been targeted as part of a telephone scam.

This scam follows a similar pattern to previous scams:

  • A student receives a call from someone pretending to be from the Home Office
  • The incoming number appears to match a genuine Home Office number
  • The student is told that there is a problem with their visa and that they need to pay a fine and/or give the caller personal information and contact details
  • Some students are also told that they will be visited by a Home Office official

Please remember that the Home Office will never call an international student to request payments or ask for personal details in this way.  DO NOT make payments or give information to anyone calling you like this.

You can read our full information on telephone frauds and scams, including how to report a scam call if you receive one.