Blog - Our Manifesto for International Students

05 March 2015

For nearly 50 years, UKCISA has been promoting international education and supporting international students - if you’re an international student here in the UK, UKCISA is here for you.

And, because we’re on your side, we’ve produced a Manifesto for International Students which tackles the big issues and calls on the next UK government to introduce a fairer and more efficient system for international students.

Here are our 10 key principles and recommendations:

1. The whole of government needs to recognise and celebrate the financial, cultural and intellectual value of international students to the UK.

2. After a period of reform, international students should now be excluded from all further policy and debate on reducing net migration.

3. The rules and procedures governing international students have become so complex that they now require fundamental review.

4. Further measures being introduced by the Immigration Act need to be carefully monitored and if found to be counter-productive, urgently withdrawn.

5. Part-time work entitlements for international students need to be standardized.

6. All students at graduate or postgraduate level should be entitled to a limited period of post study work in the UK (and/or longer on their current visas to find Tier 2 jobs).

7. No student who has not been found to be at fault should have their visa curtailed merely because their sponsor has lost their licence.

8. All students should have access to some form of student protection scheme and independent arbitration when disputes cannot be resolved internally.

9. All students to be eligible for visa concessions and special support at times of national crisis or when faced with particular difficulties.

10. Government should develop and implement a global communications campaign and clear strategy to re-assure international students that they are welcome in the UK.

You can download our full Manifesto to read more about what we’re saying on these important issues.

We’d love to hear what you think, so please get in touch and let us know at or @ukcisa

And if you like what we’re saying, we’d love you to share the Manifesto with your friends and contacts!

Of course, we’re planning to use the Manifesto in our conversations with decision-makers between now and the UK general election on 7th May.  If you’re an international student in the UK, you may be eligible to vote in the election.  To find out if you’re eligible and how to register, have a look at our information on voting.  May the best party win!