Concession for Syrian nationals extended

27 February 2015

This news item, first published on 27 February 2015, was updated on 4 March 2015.

The Home Office has extended, for a further period of one year, the concession for Syrian nationals who are in the UK. The concession has applied since 15 October 2012.

In Guidance for Syrian nationals in the UK on how to extend their visa, on the website, it is stated that the "government has renewed the immigration concession for Syrian nationals for a further year, until 28 February 2016".

The downloadable document on the above page, entitled Guidance on the concessions to the Immigration Rules for Syrian nationals, initially incorrectly stated that "applications made after 28 February 2015 will not be considered under this concession". This was an error and the Home Office has now corrected it to state 28 February 2016, to match the webpage information.