Immigration fees from April 2015

03 February 2015

The Home Office has published the new immigration fees it intends to charge from April 2015. These fees are subject to change before they come into force.

Tier 4 fees increase by around 4 per cent, to £322 for entry clearance and £439 for leave to remain.

The extended student visitor entry clearance fee increases by 8 per cent to £162. The fee for other 6-month visitor applications will be £85.

Most work-related fees increase by between 8 and 9 per cent. For example, the Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) entry clearance fee will be £335 and the leave to remain fee will be £456. Tier 2 fees increase to £564 (entry clearance) and £651 (leave to remain) for leave up to 3 years, and to £1,128 (for entry clearance) and £1,302 (leave to remain) for leave for 5 years. However the application fee for Tier 2 shortage occupations remains £428. The Tier 5 fee will be £225.

Sponsor licence and premium sponsor scheme fees remain the same. However, the fee for issuing a confirmation of acceptance for studies increases by 50 per cent to £21. The same applies to Tier 5 certificates of sponsorship (COS). The fee for issuing a Tier 2 COS goes up by around 8 per cent to £199.

The fee for replacing a biometric residence permit increases by about 12.5 per cent to £45, and the fee for transferring conditions of limited leave goes up by over 70 per cent to £183. The cost of an application to transfer evidence of no time limit on leave will increase by 148 per cent to £260.

European residence documents will cost £65, an increase of 18 per cent.

Applicants will be charged a new fee of £80 for an application that is rejected as invalid or withdrawn before a decision is issued. In practice, this is likely to mean that £80 of the fee for an application that is rejected as invalid will be retained, and only the outstanding amount will be refunded rather than the full fee as at present.

Some fees remain the same, including biometric enrolment in the UK at £19.20, administrative review applications in the UK at £80, the additional premium service fee of £400 and the appointment booking fee (non-refundable) of £100.