Changes to work rules in April

17 March 2014

The Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) rules change on 6 April:

  • You can be supported by any endorsing body, not just the institution where you studied your degree.
  • You need no longer apply within 12 months of having been awarded your degree.
  • No endorsements are restricted to MBA graduates.

The minimum wage for Tier 2 (General) applications increases to £20,500 if your certificate of sponsorship is assigned on or after 6 April.

There are some new Tier 5 (Government Authorised Exchange) schemes, including an extra subcategory for language teachers who want to spend up to two years in the UK. The new schemes are:

  • BAE Systems Training, Intern and Graduate Programme (for 24 months)
  • Hanban: Mandarin teachers scheme (24 months)
  • International Student Internship Scheme for Chinese students at universities in China and the UK who want to help UK businesses expand their trade links with China (12 months)
  • Mandarin Teachers Programme (12 months)
  • Serious Fraud Office exchange programme (12 months)

If you plan to make your immigration application on or after 1 July 2014, the funds requirement for each category will also increase. If you need to hold your funds for 90 days, you must have held the new, higher amount for the full 90-day period before you apply.

Full details of all these changes are in our information for working in the UK after study.