Is there really a graduate job shortage in the UK?

14 April 2022

There are many misperceptions in society about graduates and the job market. Some believe there are too many graduates and not enough jobs. Others believe that there are too many jobs and not enough skilled graduates to fill them. Left unchallenged, misperceptions may deter international graduates remaining to find work in the UK.  

Welcome UUK’s most recent report in the Getting Results campaign, ‘Busting Graduate Job Myths’ (April 2022). This report delves into these issues, showing some surprising results.  


1.       There are more graduate jobs than you think. 

There is an large increase in graduate jobs in the UK from the pre-pandemic 2019 labour market. In addition, it is estimated that it will grow a further 22% in 2022.   


2.       Certain sectors will grow with graduate opportunities  

Artificial Intelligence is resulting in the expansion of healthcare, IT and marketing, and with that growth comes graduate jobs.   

There is a natural crossover between these sectors and the most popular subjects studied by international students in the UK, including business studies, engineering and technology, social sciences, and creative arts and design.  

Further, these subjects are more popular specifically amongst Indian students coming to study in the UK. According to a recent INTO survey looking at how the pandemic has influenced their career and study aspirations, there has been a rise in popularity of the same sectors above, with healthcare being more popular among 17% of the survey pool, tech, robotics and AI more popular among 24%, and computer science being the second most popular subject overall for Indians to study.


3.       Graduate roles are opening up to transferable skills  

International students are encouraged to engage more in extracurricular activities and opportunities outside of academia and formal learning that give them a wider skillset. These skills are widely recognised as transferable to the workplace. This means graduating with a certain degree opens up a wide range of employment opportunities – more than ever before. 

The Graduate Route which allows international students to remain in the UK after their studies is more relevant than ever, giving international graduates the opportunity to gain UK experience and develop their skills in a job market that is only expanding.  


Read the full report here.