Immigration applications on the day your permission expires

21 July 2021

Making an immigration application in the UK on the day your current permission expires should not cause you problems. You are not an overstayer and you are submitting your application on time.

However, the immigration application system is currently set up incorrectly. If you apply on the same day your permission expires, the system wrongly thinks you are applying late, as an overstayer.

We have drawn this to the attention of the Home Office, which has provided a temporary solution until the system is fixed.

If you are applying for immigration permission in the UK on the day on which your current permission expires, you need to take the following steps. This does not affect you if you are applying before your last day of permission.

  1. Select ‘yes’ when the online application form asks ‘’was there a reason beyond your control why you did not apply before your visa or leave to remain expired?’’ (screenshot below)
  2. In the free text box, explain that your permission (or leave) has not expired, for example, "My leave has not expired. It expires on the day on which I am making this application".
  3. Do not tick the Evidence tick box. If you tick it, the form will ask you to provide evidence of your reason for making a late application, which is not relevant to you and which you probably cannot provide.

Immigration application form screenshot

The Home Office has apologised to us for the inconvenience and hope that the problem can be fixed soon. They have said they will keep us informed of any updates, which we will share with you.