Stateless leave, section 67 leave, Calais leave: 'home' fees and Student Support in England

11 May 2021

The requirements you need to meet to fit into the following categories of ‘home’ student are changing, for both fees and Student Support in higher education in England:

  • Those with section 67 leave, and their dependent children
  • Those with Calais leave, and their dependent children
  • Those granted stateless leave, and family

For any academic year from 1 August 2021 onwards, there will be no three-year residence test. You will not need to have been living in the UK for three years before starting your course, if you want to pay ‘home’ fees or get Student Support.

If you tried to apply for a place in the past using one of these categories and found that you did not qualify as a ‘home’ student, contact the institution again now. If you are already on a course, talk to your institution about changing your fee status for this autumn, and applying for Student Support.

The change is not limited to people starting courses on or after 1 August 2021, it also benefits people who are already on courses.

You can read about the requirements for each of the categories on the UKCISA website.