UKCISA training programme 2021-22: Student route training

20 September 2021


Thank you for all your support and popular participation in our online training programme so far. We are pleased that our online delivery provides us the ability to respond to the needs of our Members and allows us connect more easily with those of you further across the UK.

We continue our training programme online for 2021-22 and have released some further events, now open for bookings.

Did you know? 99% of attendees so far have ranked our webinars as excellent to good. 

What’s on offer now?

Designed to be flexible and responsive, our online training programme includes the following upcoming courses on aspects of the Student immigration route:

  • Assigning a CAS under the Student route
  • Introduction to the Student route
  • Student route essentials: English language assessment*
  • Student route essentials: Understanding academic progress*
  • Student route essentials: Financial requirements under the Student immigration route
  • Student route essentials: Time limits under the Student immigration route*
  • Student route essentials: Making an application under the Student route

*for those working at Higher Education Providers with a Track Record of Compliance 

What’s coming soon?

As well as repeats of our in-demand webinars listed above, we will also be running an adapted Student route essential series specifically for those who work at institutions that are not Higher Education Providers with a Track Record of Compliance.

We will also be running revised and new courses on:

  • The visitor route and study
  • The Graduate route
  • Section 3C and the Student route
  • Student route refusals: Administrative reviews
  • Student route dependants

Who should attend our immigration training courses?

Our immigration training courses are suitable for all those working at UKCISA member institutions who offer immigration advice to international students. Each course description details who the course is aimed at and whether any level of experience is required. Our ‘Introduction to the Student route’ is our popular introductory course and provides a good starting point for those new to the Student route and Student sponsorship.

Have you made any changes?

We continuously review feedback and revise and amend our courses and deliveries accordingly. In addition to tailoring our content for specific providers (as mentioned above) we have been considering how to best continue to engage with delegates and encourage networking and interaction while we remain online. We will therefore be using Padlet as an extra resource to compliment our training and provide a post-training space for delegates to network, clarify questions and access slide decks.

Will you continue to run webinars on how to make fees assessments?

Yes, we will. More information on these will be coming soon.

How to book 

To book your space – or register your interest for an upcoming event – take a look at our online training programme

Despite being online, spaces for each session are limited, so please make sure you book as soon as possible to secure your spot.

More information  

If you have any questions about the online training programme, please email