Inspection of immigration front end services - respond by 1 October

09 September 2020

The call for evidence for the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration’s inspection of immigration application, or 'front end', services (FES) is now open.

The Chief Inspector is inviting everyone with knowledge and experience of the front end services run by the Home Office and its commercial partners in the UK and abroad to submit evidence. This includes students and education providers.

The inspection will examine whether applicants find the current services readily accessible and easy to use and seeks examples of what worked well, what did not work and why, and what improvements respondents would like to see, The inspection will not deal with the outcome of applications. Its focus is on:

  • how accessible and easy to use the online application form, payment and booking services, the process for submitting documentary evidence and any additional services were
  • the “customer experience” when attending appointments at a UK or overseas application centre, including the handling of any customer complaints
  • the clarity of guidance and instructions provided by the Home Office and by FES providers to assist individuals making an application, and the availability and usefulness of advice and support, including from customer contact centres
  • whether applicants needed to seek advice and support from third parties (for example legal advisors, other organisations, Members of Parliament) in order to navigate the application process and with what results
  • the experience of vulnerable individuals who needed support in making applications and attending appointments

All submissions should be sent to the Chief Inspector by Thursday 1 October, using the link at

If any UKCISA members submit a response, please let us know by emailing