Further details announced on the Points-Based System

13 July 2020
The UK Government has today published a Further Details Statement concerning the Points-Based system that is set to become a part of the new immigration system launching in 2021.

The Further Details Statement documents the changes that will be made to the student route, employment routes and provides further details of the introduction of the Graduate route.

The student route will continue to require sponsorship at a licensed provider, require students to demonstrate their English language ability and require that students demonstrate their ability to support themselves in the UK. Differentiation arrangements will continue with students from the EU, EEA and Switzerland being classified as low risk. Such students will therefore benefit from the reduced documentary evidence requirements.

Notable changes to the student route include the extension of the application window from three months to six months prior to the start of a student’s course. Study time limits for those studying at postgraduate level are also set to be removed. Students who are on a recognised Foundation Programme as a doctor or dentist in training, or who are employed as a Student Union Sabbatical Officer will be exempt from the requirement to demonstrate funds.

The Graduate route will be unsponsored, will not have any maintenance requirements or English language requirements. Eligible applicants will be permitted to apply for two years’ leave if the student has studied at undergraduate or Master’s degree level and three years’ if the student studied at PhD level.
We are in the process of analysing these changes and will provide further details of these changes in a separate e-news item to follow.