A roadmap for a world-class international student experience

08 July 2020

UKCISA has published a roadmap of 15 key steps to making the UK the world’s most attractive destination for international students.

The paper - 'Delivering a world-class international student experience' - sets out how the UK Government can work with education providers and sector bodies to improve students’ experience of studying in the UK. Our goal in publishing this paper is to put the international student experience at the heart of policy making, to ensure that international students feel welcomed during their application process, enjoy an excellent academic experience, and are empowered after completing their studies to create a lifelong connection with the UK.

We are asking the Government to:

  • Extend and expand flexibility in the visa and immigration system in light of Covid-19 e.g. prioritising international students’ visa applications as VACs reopen
  • Review the implementation of new immigration rules for EU/EEA/Swiss students – and extend the transition period until January 2022
  • Delay the implementation of the planned increase to the NHS Immigration Health Surcharge for international students (currently scheduled for 1 October) to minimise disruption for students
  • Communicate a clear message of welcome to all international students in the UK at every level of study
  • Contribute to an excellent student experience and create a lifelong connection to the UK

We are proposing to:

  • Build a stronger evidence base of current international students’ experiences, to drive future policy development and support the above asks
  • Work with international students and those who support them to develop an International Student Charter

Anne Marie Graham, Chief Executive of UKCISA, said:

“UKCISA’s vision is that every international student who comes to the UK has a positive experience. While the UK education sector delivers a world class offer, there are still improvements that can, and should, be made to the current international student experience. This roadmap is the result of UKCISA’s unique position as the champion of international students and is informed by our positive partnerships with students and sector organisations. I am confident that if all of these recommendations are implemented, the UK will indisputably become the best study destination in the world.”