Scotland HE fees: Update on the 'RUK' fee in HE

24 January 2020

Before Christmas, we updated our Scotland: Fee status > Higher education info to reflect confirmation we received from the Scottish Government in the Autumn about certain categories of students which, whilst not eligible for the 'home' fee, may instead qualify for a middle rate / 'Rest of UK' or 'RUK' fee.

The Scottish Government confirmed to us that:

"Those who pay the [‘RUK’] fee rate are those who would be eligible for home fee status under the 2011 Regulations, but who do not meet any requirement to be ordinarily resident in Scotland. Where there is such a residence requirement, ordinary residence in Scotland is to be read as if it referred to ordinary residence in the UK, and such students will then be treated as [‘RUK’] students and not international students."

We understand, therefore, that this means the following categories (numbers relate to their position in our Scotland: Fee status > Higher education infoall now provide potential ‘RUK’ eligibility:

  • 1. ‘Relevant connection’ with Scotland
  • 4. Non-UK EU nationals and family who have three years’ ordinary residence in UK and Islands
  • 5. Non-UK EEA nationals and family with the right of permanent residence in the UK
  • 8. Children of Turkish workers
  • 9. People with refugee status and family
  • 10. Those not recognised as refuges but allowed to remain in the UK and family
  • 13. Temporary protection
  • 14. Iraqi nationals granted indefinite leave to enter the UK under the Locally Engaged Staff Assistance Scheme (Direct Entry), and family
  • 16. Syrian (Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme) nationals and family
  • 17. Long residence
  • 18. Afghan (Locally Employed Staff Ex-Gratia Scheme) nationals and family
  • 19. Those granted stateless leave and family
  • 20. Those granted discretionary leave as a ‘victim of modern slavery’

Since updating our web information, we understand from the Scottish Government that ‘RUK’ fee eligibility under category 4 specifically (‘Non-UK EU nationals and family who have three years’ ordinary residence in UK and Islands’) is only possible if you are not eligible for ‘home’ fee status under any other category, for example under category 3. We understand that some students and institutions had questioned with the Scottish Government that they appeared to be eligible for a ‘home’ fee under category 3 and a ‘RUK’ fee under category 4.