Tier 4 policy guidance updated

26 June 2019

The Home Office updated its Tier 4 policy guidance on 26 June. The main changes are to the format, rather than the contents.

However, the three errors in the previous version (immigration health surcharge not updated, out of date definition of 'professional sportsperson', incorrect statement that part-time postgraduates could not apply for Tier 4 leave in the UK) have been corrected.

In addition, paragraphs 217-222 provide more detailed guidance about how the Home Office interprets its Tier 4 prohibition on employment as a professional sportsperson, especially in the context of work placements and sports scholarships. 

Paragraph 275 confirms that you may travel in and out of the UK after your course has ended. It recommends that you carry documentation which would make it clear to a border force official that you are re-entering to complete an activity (activities are not specified so can include anything you are permitted to do with Tier 4 leave) and intend to leave before your leave expires, or that you intend to submit an in-time immigration application.

It is important to use the most up-to-date version of the guidance when you make your application.