Changes to the leave to remain application process

06 November 2018

The Home Office has introduced a new service for those applying to extend their stay in the UK. Those wishing to extend their stay in the UK between 5th November to 29th November 2018, have the option of either applying using the new system or they can apply using the old system. From 30th November 2018 the old system will be replaced entirely by the new system.

The new application process will involve applying online by submitting your application and paying the visa and Immigration Health Surcharge fee. On making your application online, you will be able to opt for your preferred application method (standard, priority or premium service).

Once you have submitted your application online, you will need to book an appointment at one of the new six UKVCAS service points in order to provide your biometrics. UKVCAS service points are being rolled out at various times throughout the month of November. A service point in Manchester will open in the week of 9th November, followed by Birmingham, Glasgow and Cardiff in the week of 12th November and finally Belfast and Croydon in the week of 26th November. Attendance at one of the UKVCAS service points is free of charge.
At your appointment at a UKVCAS service point, you will provide your biometrics, confirm your identify (using your original passport) and scan your original documents. Following your appointment you will be able to leave the service point with all your original documents and await a decision pending the application method you have chosen.

If you wish, you can scan and upload your documents yourself prior to your appointment. If you are unable to obtain an appointment at a free UKVCAS service point, you can book an appointment at one of the 50 ‘enhanced service points’ throughout the country. There will be an additional charge for using one of the enhanced service points which we understand is set at £55. The enhanced service points will also be rolled out across the country at various times during the month of November. You will be able to scan your documents at your appointment if you do not wish to do this in advance. Please refer to the guidance published by the UKVI concerning the details of the 50 enhanced service points and the dates that they will be available.

We will provide a further update once we receive any more information concerning the new application process. Please refer to the guidance produced by the UKVI concerning what we know so far of the application process.